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Dallas Smart Home services will simplify many of the chores and habits that go along with living in your home. Rather than having to wander around the house to adjust elements like lighting, HVAC, window coverings, and more, it is possible to control all of that from a central control panel – or even your tablet or phone. When you are able to use technology to your advantage to automate many operations in your house, you will quickly find how much more convenient and relaxing life in Dallas can be. Open Air Media would love to work with you on this kind of home automation project. We can discuss with you Whole Home Automation with Smart Homes in Dallasthe specific elements of home automation that are important to you and design a system that will sufficiently meet with your needs. Get in touch with our team soon and find out more about what we have to offer!

There is much more to home automation than just wanting to able to turn off the lights without getting off the couch – although that is nice! In fact, many home automation systems are just as useful, or even more so, when you are away from home than when you are present. For those who travel away from their Dallas area home on business or vacation frequently, having smart home technology installed is a great way to keep tabs on what is going on at home without physically being there. Depending on the specific features that you have installed by OAM, you may be able to turn lights on and off, close or open window shades, and more. Instead of sitting in your hotel worrying if you remember to turn off some lights or close the blinds, you can just log in and check for yourself. Once that is taken care of, you can get back to the business of enjoying your time away.

Once back at home, your smart home system will continue to impress with all of the ways it can come in handy. For those who enjoy entertaining friends and family at their Dallas area house, home automation is a great idea because it opens up many new possibilities while you are having a party. As one example, imagine you are chatting with your guests while watching a football game in the TV in the living room. As the sun sets over Dallas, a glare develops on the screen making it hard to see the game. Rather than walking around the living room trying to adjust the window shades to just the right position, simply grab your control panel and put them into position with just the push of a button. You don’t have to get off the couch, and don’t even have to miss a play. This is just one example of the many ways in which home automation can be put to use to make life more convenient.

In addition to home automation, there is any number of other audio video projects that the team here at Open Air Media would love to take on for you. We have worked on a variety of different jobs for residents in and around the Dallas area, and take pride in being able to meet the needs of our customers time after time. Whether you are looking for a large home entertainment TV Installation Dallas, Texasinstallation or some kind of smaller a/v project, feel free to contact OAM to discuss your needs.

A new, custom home theater is certainly one of the most prominent and exciting projects you can take on in the a/v realm as a homeowner. Whether you want to put a home theater into your living room or rec room space, or would rather create a separate media room in another area of the house, OAM would be happy to help you with the design and installation process. We can use a variety of different elements to make your project come together including things like surround sound speakers, projectors, screens, 3D TV’s, home theater seats, and more. For the purpose of entertaining guests, or just for enjoying a quiet night at home with the family, a custom home theater is the perfect venue.

If you choose to go in the media room direction, you just might be able to put a previously wasted space in your home to use. Unfinished basements and extra bedrooms are prime territory for media room projects to take root. Instead of seeing that square footage simply collect dust and boxes as the years go by, choose instead to make it an integral part of the house that the whole family is sure to enjoy. A media room with all of the different a/v elements can be used for movies, watching sports, playing video games, listening to music, and more.

You don’t have to be starting a large project to call on the knowledge and experience of Open Air Media for an audio video need in your Dallas home. We are glad to work with you on smaller tasks such as home computer networking, TV installation, audio video wiring, universal remote programming, and more. With all of the technology available on the market today, Dallas, Texas Surround Sound Installerdon’t settle for trying to get by with a/v equipment that isn’t working correctly or isn’t as convenient as it should be. Bring in OAM and let us help you pull your whole a/v system together.

We appreciate the time you have spent on our page and hope that we will hear from you soon. If you live in or around the Dallas area and have an audio video project on your mind, we would love to discuss it with you. Our team is passionate about the a/v business and will be happy to take on the job that you are wanting to complete. Give us a call and let’s get started!

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